Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Book - a Box Set of Four Historical Novels

The Storm Gathers: Europe Between the Wars
Four Political Novels

Box Set of Four Historical Novels by Paul A Myers

Four historical novels set between 1928 and 1936 featuring enchanting romances, characters at the center of exciting historical events, and personal dramas behind the larger march of events leading to the Second World War.

A Farewell in Paris. Two American veterans in 1928 Paris collaborate on the great American novel portraying the grinding end of the Great War, a doomed romance in post-war Germany between an American officer and a German nurse, and the tragedy of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference which resulted in “the peace to end all peace.” Americans in Jazz Age Paris live the expatriate life to its fullest against the bittersweet fears of an unseen but coming war.

Paris 1934: Victory in Retreat. Newspapermen and women pursue stories and each other starting with riots in Paris that almost topple the Third Republic. Sorbonne student Sandrine joins hard-partying Americans as they drink and dance their away across the summer of 1934 while in autumn dark secrets from the 1920s French occupation of the Rhineland return to cloud the present as the Nazi menace rears its deadly head.

Vienna 1934: Betrayal at the Ballplatz. The Austrian government slides towards an Italian-style fascist state when suddenly German Nazis move to overthrow the government in a summer putsch.  A British foreign correspondent and his beautiful Austrian fiancĂ©e are caught in a deadly web of intrigue in this dramatic tale of accurate historical event and dashing fictional romance.

Paris 1935: Destiny’s Crossroads. An American diplomat strikes up a romance with a beautiful foreign policy aide close to the top of the French government as the French government struggles to maintain the alliance between Italy, France, and Great Britain in the face of the 1935 Ethiopian crisis. In 1936, with the allied Ethiopian policy in tatters, Germany opportunistically re-militarizes the Rhineland as France and Great Britain wobble and German boots march. The path to the Second World War begins.