Monday, December 28, 2015

New Satirical Novel up on Kindle $2.99 and print $9.99

European diplomat Sophie maneuvers to save Europe from crisis created by Greek financial collapse.

With such a topical and current storyline, this book is bound to appeal to a wide range of readers, from those interested in the financial and political worlds to those who just enjoy a good satire of the world we live in today.

—Eve, CreateSpace Editor in her editorial review

Back Cover – June 2015 – The Greek prime minister calls for a referendum to reject the harsh austerity terms demanded by the European Union for a bailout of the crushed Greek economy. The EU cuts off the banks and Greeks line up at the ATMs to grab all the cash they can. Massive street demonstrations in Athens protest the “Fourth Reich” being imposed from Berlin.

Deputy European finance commissioner Sophie d’Auverne rushes to Berlin to meet with top German leaders. Meanwhile her American boyfriend Jim returns to Geneva to find that his hedge fund suddenly went long billions in Greek bonds due to a rogue computer program.

Sophie embarks on a week of hidden diplomacy culminating in a grand compromise at an all-night summit meeting in Brussels. Unknown to her, Jim’s hedge fund has a spy high in the French government tipping Jim to market-moving developments.