Friday, April 25, 2014

An excellent KIRKUS REVIEW for my novel

A Novel


A dramatic tale of secrets and lies set against the backdrop of a devastated Greece.

Love and money are both at risk in Myers’ politically driven novel of intrigue and betrayal. In 2012, Greece is reeling from its economic downturn, and riots rage throughout Athens, threatening the daily lives of its downtrodden inhabitants. The chaos creates unsettling fear and stress for the Greek government but provides an opportunity for Jim Schiller, a hedge fund investor who invests in the promise of a financial bailout. He travels to Paris, where he conspires with the beautiful, mysterious Sophie d’Auverne, a former financial adviser with strong connections to the inner
workings of international finance. She promises him that the bailout is a sure thing and that his investment will make him a billionaire—but the bailout turns out to be as elusive as Sophie herself. As Jim waits for the return on his investment, he’s ambushed by two Russian men who seem to know details of his personal life. They insist that Jim knows the whereabouts of a crucial but mysterious document, and Jim soon discovers that it’s a leaked list of tax evaders throughout Europe, which threatens to overturn the bailout. Jim must find this list or he stands to lose far more than just his financial stability. This layered tale of romance, mystery and suspense reads like a tapestry of fact and fiction; as it outlines recent events, it also details the quest of a very determined man who’s also likable and sympathetic. Jim’s stake in the bailout touches on universal themes, including the human need for security and connection. Overall, it’s an exciting read with surprising twists but also a human interest story that’s relatable and timeless.

A contemporary story of romance and greed, told with humor and sophistication.

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